This festival is weird



Good line-up tho


One of those names don’t belong, Skrillex seems completely out of leftfield compared to the rest of the line up


thank you ma0sm for categorising this


You’re all welcome


Yeah seems an odd choice. Line up is great though.


Found out from looking at the festival that skrilkex put out the (brilliant) hundred waters album out on his label, so makes sense I guess. Seems like a stacked lineup for a 1,500 capacity


don’t actually know this band. got them confused with hundred reasons for a minute and thought it was very strange they were putting on such a festival


some great sets from last year here:

would love to go to this festival one day, it looks mad


I’d go to that - FJM, Timber Timbre, Solange, Noname, Health, Hotelier. Just avoid Skrillex. God actually the audience would be pretty terrible.


Probably have the best audience of any Skrillex gig ever tbh. Apart from maybe that Four Tet x Skrillex show


The idea of applying to buy tickets for a festival sounds like the worst thing ever.