This Friday Night

A swell evening of catching up on Question Time, pro wrasslin’ and eating all the crap. Commuting to London for band practise always destroys me.


Please come in, I need company.

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nothing planned ruffers, sorry

Going to a charity quiz in the village hall. Got some beers and my dad is bringing the snacks. Fucking wild.


Current idea: Basically King Lear but it’s set in the current Trump dynasty

  • Yeah I’d glance at that
  • Write your own damn stories

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What kind of monk? Buddhist?

On the Eurostar, currently blazing through the Hainaut countryside before getting through to France. Won’t be home until 11pm GMT. Long old day


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Yeah I do the ones :smiley: Not personally, but this group live right by me and are always out recruiting(?) Probably all the Cardiff DiSers would’ve been intercepted by them at some point.


I’m in bed. Going to get up for pizza then go back to bed I think.

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Gonna eat paneer and pea curry, watch Picard, play shenmue


These quizzes are ridiculous. My mum does the questions (except the one tonight that she just reads them out) and my family aren’t allowed to win the prizes but we nearly always come first (except tonight where we can win prizes). They’re always bring your own food and some people bring silver serving dishes with like full meals on, and have tablecloths with them. The village hall committee have however put a stop to the use of candlesticks after the smoke alarm went off once. And there’s me and my dad and sometimes Mrs F and some family friends with our pringles and chocolate fingers and Thatchers Gold. Might order a curry or a pizza or something to be delivered there tonight.


Hello pals, Mrs NY out all weekend at a conference in NYC. Going to meet up with the lads and drink all the beers and play some setback and poker this evening I reckon.


Here’s the poll

Would you like to go to a Cofresh World (like Cadbury’s world but with Cofresh snacks instead of chocolate ones)

  • Yes
  • No

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Gonna roast up some parsnips and carrots
Gonna fry up a cabbage with buttery stuff and red onion
Gonna have with L.Macs


Evening kids!

A quiet night in, and a few beers, but not too many because some trainers I want to buy go on sale at 11pm. The fact that there’s a timed sale might be a hype ploy, or might mean that there’s not many, but I’m not going to risk it.

I’m still in clothes that smell of horse, trying to muster the energy to go tale a shower.

I’ve been quite good at eating fairly healthy recently so I’m pigging out with some cheez doodles after (healthy) dinner. What an evening it will be!

They actually have a cafe with vegan food and loads of cats milling around their front yard because they tend to feed them, so they’re alright by me, just a shame about the evangelistic stuff.

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What is a cofresh? (voted yes anyway)

Fuck yeah! Pics please