This Friday! Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day 2016 #tshirtday


What tee will you be wearing?

Think I’ll be wearing this as it features 2 of my favourite things


I might wear a suit, considering I wear a band t-shirt every day.


What’re you wearing?




Totally forgot about it, wearing a plain black t-shirt so if anyone asks it’s my tribute to Smell The Glove


Wear The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Stagewear To Work Day


I forgot all about this but I’m wearing a band t-shirt anyway because…casual friday


Wearing a 2003 Flaming Lips t-shirt.


Can’t find my Bosstones t-shirt, reckon it got lost in the move a few years back :frowning:

Got my Jetplane Landing, The New Standard one on from 2003. Proper anarchist lyrics printed on it.


I’m not at work and I didn’t know about this but I am wearing this today


You’re a woman, I’m a machine-like office worker

Coincidental as well - the only t-shirts I own are band t-shirts


This one:


So nearly wore my Lese Majesty t shirt today. Didn’t even realise it was band t-shirt day


Channelling my inner teen goth today. I’m 32.


quite disappointed you don’t have a jacket on back to front