This guy getting hauled off a plane

united seem to have handled this situation pretty well

checked in earlier and was surprised there wasn’t a thread about this. absolutely fucking disgusting. United PR just keeps on digging and the police statement is awful as well. That poor guy

do they?

How does it get to the point of there’s being one person too many actually on the aircraft before deciding who doesn’t get to fly…?

Surely it should just be a case of passenger number n+1 gets told ‘Unlucky pal, you’re not going anywhere’ when they check in. Would stop this sort of stupidity you’d think.

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he eventually got back on but was in a horrible state

mental that anyone involved thought this was an ok way to deal with this

yeah seems like a total balls up.

some folk are saying they were removing passengers so that some unscheduled united employees could fly. dunno where they’re getting that from but might explain how they managed to put too many people onto the plane itself.

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Yeah, or passenger n+1 being told “we’ve overbooked you; we’re not going to guarantee your flight until we’re sure we can accommodate you”…

Yeah saw that about them needing to get crew to the other airport, but presumably they knew that at some point prior to everyone already being sat on the plane ffs.


Some people fucking love using physical restraint. Have had jobs in the past where I’ve had to use it on occasion and fucking hated it and always as a completely last measure. Felt awful doing it, terrifying for the person involved but some people can’t wait to get involved like that.

at the same time, once security has been called to haul you out your seat (rightly or wrongly) you’re not doing yourself any favours by resisting. like once it gets to that stage does he reckon they’d just leave him alone if he digs his heels in?

Maybe he was hoping one of the other passengers would volunteer to get off instead? I probably would have if I’d been on that flight, just to avoid a scene.

If it was wrongly though, which seems likely given the other passengers reaction, then it is a matter of principal, I would have dug my heels in if I were him, and any manhandling while foreseeable isn’t his fault

‘We apologise for having to relocate these customers’

it’s pretty weird. they normally offer money / other flights until someone volunteers to leave. wonder what the story was here? you’d think there’d be a few folk out of the entire plane that wouldn’t mind changing

I think the story is this:

They offered $400 at the gate with hotel and flight the next morning. No one was interested
On the plane when people were seated they offered the same for $800. Still no interest
They then randomly selected 4 people via a computer.
Apparently the 4 seats were needed for United employees.
The guy was a doctor with a clinic the next day so he said he couldn’t be delayed.
Aviation police board and drag/beat this guy out of the plane.

So fucked up. Just increase the offer, and someone is bound to take it.

didn’t know that was the story. interesting that they capped it at $800. surely they keep going/ arrange the next best flight until people accept.

as for the guy, he could’ve had any reason or no reason to fly. he shouldn’t have had to justify anything. hope to god he takes 'em for a lot more than the $3,600 they were prepared to pay. fucking shysters


United are having a truly awful couple of weeks PR-wise after leggings-gate.

And $800 plus hotel etc to stay over for one night? By god I would’ve been running off that plane.

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It’s like they forgot he was actually a person. That’s the scary bit


pretty much every day i see or read something about America that (more and more) makes me never ever want to go there it looks like a living hell.


But that’s the point. If you have a clinic of patients waiting for you the next day irrespective of the money offered you’re just not able to take it