This guy is of above average attractiveness

his eyes are upside down

He looks like he’s giving himself a testicular examination and has just found something unexpected.

This is the kind of attractive man that I don’t really understand why he’s attractive? He just looks like a normal man doesn’t he?

strong jaw, man. decent cheekbones too. I read something a while back that Adam Levine has the most perfectly aesthetic face, or some shit. we’re hard wired to fancy faces like this, or something

Jawline and the eyes for me. He has questioning eyes. Softly questioning, but questioning all the same.

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He looks like one of kiefer Sutherlands gang from the lost boys

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Adam Levine is an extremely handsome man, no arguments there whatsoever. This guy is not at all unattractive but he’d be one that I’d be surprised to find was widely fancied (that said, I’ve literally got no idea why Harry Styles was the one out of 1D that everyone fancied either)

again, we’re hard wired man. cheeks, eyes and jaw. the holy trinity

you got one of these three and you’re doing ok. if you have none, you better have good charisma or a solid bank balance

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They’ve used all the flattering photo techniques of high angle, ring flash and tweaking the curves on photoshop in that pic though, so better check some casual photos before you run away to Belgium to pledge your devotion.


Reckon we might need two of those three rather than just the one. I’ve got very lovely eyes but my jawline and cheeks are abysmal, don’t think the eyes make up for them at all.

I amended my post slightly, but you have a warm heart and are a kind man, man. this is the most important thing really.

Levine will wake up one day and have to scoop his face off the pillow

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I was very determined not to find him attractive, but yeah, I’d get naked for him in an instant.


This is an extremely nice thing to have said, thanks, man.

Fashions for what kind of face is in style can change so rapidly though. Like for instance with women currently the short face, button nose, dramatic eyebrows look like Rihanna/Sky Ferreira/Cara Delevigne/Selena Gomez etc look is pushed as an ideal, but 8-10 years ago it was different. Same with the men with close together eyes like Ryan Gosling/Adam Levine/Ryan Reynolds.

hahaha. we’re all basically really, really shallow when it comes to the crunch, huh

Rihanna - Exceptionally attractive, genuinely stunning and would be in any era IMO
Sky Ferreira - Not sure who this is
Cara Delevigne - Don’t really get it tbh
Selena Gomez - Very pretty
Ryan Gosling - Very handsome indeed
Adam Levine - As discussed, very handsome
Ryan Reynolds - Think he looks a bit weird tbh but I like that advert where he walks through the glass door

Has there ever been a stage where basically no jawline and podgy cheeks has been attractive in a man? Can’t remember one personally.

Yeah I suppose he is tbh

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It’s not like any of them would be considered unattractive in any time, it’s more like a change in what you see as the most commonly used kind of face in models etc/what is presented as the most beautiful.

yeah man, I’m with you on this. weird innit