This guy. :Sigh:

C’mon, own up, which one of you wrote this?

The Onion skewered this kind of thing brilliantly:


Remember dad trying to make me listen to Trout Mask Replica and Piper at Gates of Dawn but I kept insisting on The Firm - Star Trekking. 28 years old I was etc.


Just want to clarify the guy on the thumbnail is not the writer, in defence of your friendly local Competitive Dad Stock Photo Rep


Love Stephen Collins’ comics

That poor kid. Let them listen to what they want to, they’ll find what they like in the end.
My daughter loves show tunes at the moment, but the other day she had ‘Wouldn’t it be Nice’ on singing along, so they’ll find it eventually.

The absolute worst

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You also know you’re ageing when you invoke “WAR!” in topics that really, really aren’t quite as serious as fighting in an actual war. And I’m pretty sure this guy never saw actual military service. He’s the American Mark Francois.

His son sounds like a cunt tbh


Kids will dance to absolutely any music whatsoever when they’re toddlers and indie dickhead parents will convince themselves that means the kid loves it. And then get disappointed when the kid is a couple of years older and somehow doesn’t have any interest in indie folk or early post-punk anymore.

My nephew burst into my room when he was about 2 when I was listening to Hex Enduction Hour and started happily dancing along to The Classical. Later that day he was dancing to the music on a Mickey Mouse DVD. Could take it as a sign that he’s going to have wildly eclectic taste as an adult, or maybe two year olds just aren’t all that discerning.


Yeah, they might love it at the time, but they’re tastes are totally going to change several times over while they figure out what they like.

Though I still think that a fair portion of the reasons for kids usually liking pop music is exposure and peer pressure.

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I don’t believe any of it for one second.

I don’t believe men should be allowed to be fathers. I’m sure there’s some good dads around, but I’ve yet to meet one.

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If I was a dad I would absolutely be playing my kid lots of music they’d hate tbf. Maybe wouldn’t get too pissy about a child not understanding the intricacies of Bill Callahan’s lyrics or the historical importance of Captain Beefheart though

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I worked out fairly quickly that my stepson has pretty narrow tastes, maybe this is true of all 10 year olds? He likes precisely 3 Biffy Clyro songs and 1 Pedro the Lion song - this is pretty much the sum total of 5 years of me playing him stuff I think he might like - and has no interest in furthering his knowledge of either band, or any similar stuff. Instead he’ll listen to the same 20 songs (a random mix of Queen, The Script, Neil Diamond, Survivor, and entrance music from WWE) on repeat for weeks on end.

I guess the temptation to hammer him with stuff partly stems from my dad hammering us with Beatles/Creedence/10CC/Steely Dan as kids on car journeys, for which I am definitely grateful, but also to maybe give him a head start over the other losers in his school because I imagine how much cooler I would have been if I’d been listening to Sonic Youth and REM in 1993.

On car journeys now we take it in turns to play a track on Spotify. He thinks he’s getting a good deal, meanwhile I secretly subliminally force my tastes on him, wasting all my turns playing stuff in the hope he might like the odd track.

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Sounds like a wee legend already to be fair :slight_smile:

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Ha, it’s Yellow Bike off the new album. He probably likes it because it’s relevant to his interests (riding around the streets aimlessly on a bike).

I’ll hit him with Control in its entirety once he’s into high school :sunglasses:

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Try ‘Big Trucks’ off of It’s Hard To Find A Friend.
Then he can sing it at you all the time :smiley:

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