This guy

Mine’s called Al something. He’s in Stath Lets Flats and Starstruck and Feel Good, playing a goofy boyfriend guy in all of them


Fucking amazing in Stath Lets Flats

I’m still cracking up at the revelation that he commutes into London on the coach every day from Birmingham


Looks like a PES version of every man DiSer in 2005.

I can without google identify him (after a while) as Nick Mohammed. He first came to my attention a few years back when he had his own Radio 4 comedy show, which bafflingly he chose to do in an excruciatingly unlistenable high pitched screech all the way through, although apparently it got “critical acclaim”

I’m watching Feel Good right now and can confirm that this guy is, indeed, in it

I could’ve mentioned his name but I thought it would be more in keeping with this guyness just to have everyone be like ah fuck yeah I recognise him what’s he called

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he’s claudia o doherty’s cousins husband

Literally said to my wife the other evening that he’s in everything at the moment. In Ted lasso too

no way

I thought he was just a regular guy :frowning:

everybody’s a this guy to somebody x


oh I was taking about hygs guy, your guy probably isn’t related by marriage to anyone cool

no disrespect

phew, glad he’s keeping it real

Oh I just watched those recently


here are our two guys shaking hands
what a beautiful sight


He plays a confident character in Dead Pixels and it doesn’t sit right

probably watched that a hundred times, my brain just plays bits of it for me when there nothing going on

Think I saw one or two of them at the time, only rediscovered them recently cos Wozniak is in one

Claudia is gr8

The original This Guy in this thread (Al) has a blink and you’ll miss it part in Last Night In Soho as a socially awkward librarian.


Think I said heheyy in the cinema

V quietly ofc