This image is tilting me


Lemonade is Beyoncé’s sixth album?

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Bjork?! :confused:

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Flying lotus!!!?

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I’m not clicking that stupid article but there can’t be any good reason for Burial to be on it.

NONE of those albums should be on it for one reason or another

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Most of the article has nothing to do with difficult 2nd albums btw.

This is the ACTUAL title of the article
Nice to see BBC indulging in clickbait

The 6 different flavours of an album

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Burial didn’t struggle with a difficult second album, that was the one everyone went batshit for

I must confess, I still believe



This is the image used on the BBC front page

Just noticed Metal Machine Music as well, which was Lou Reed’s fifth solo album. I just…

Tis just click bait
Once you click on the article it’s not even about difficult second albums. It’s just one of the sub headings