This is a banger

well into this atm


Same. Whole album is great imo.

On top of the previous two bangers I posted, which should appeal to OR fans, i reckon Baby Queen would too.

Lots or great women doing pop punk atm.

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And of course Pom Pom Squad

What a banger.


Cher train WOOWOO

What a video

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No offence but the last 4 videos i posted are all very banging.


Where bounce the new album, Sky? (hope she’s ok)

Why do we never talk about Skunk Anansie here?

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Would recommend this for non-binary fronted pop(ish) punk

I’ve listened to the videos of

  • Meet Me @ The Alter
  • Pinkshift
  • Baby Queen
  • Pom Pom Squad
  • Just posting songs I know

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this pom pom squad song’s brill, I think you posted it before/I definitely know it from somewheres


oh my GOD :star_struck:

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I might have. I only found it because of some tweets shared by Mannequin Pussy, where someone accused OR’s PR team of stealing what PPS were doing. Lots of unnecessary beeves, probably, but i’m glad I was introduced to them either way.

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