This is a bit full on


They stole a digger and demolished Lidl.


My mate just sent me this. Yes that is more than a bit full on


Tried to open a stolen safe with a digger… ok then


Oh sorry I really should’ve watched this before commenting… not what I thought it was

2ND EDIT it is actually what I thought it was… this is why I don’t post on the social boards


Was at a metal gig tonight and the singer dedicated a song to those who ripped down a Lidl. It has permeated Irish culture now.


Saw the front page of a newspaper before with the headline LIDL SHOP OF HORRORS.

So there’s that, i guess.


Comment from a mate of mine who knows the area:

“Ah they don’t do things by halves in Tallaght. Am guessing that the only bookshop in the area is safe?”


someone really wanted those pine nuts




Poems and songs will be written for these noble patriots


It was a cold day in County Dublin
But mens’ spirits were hot and bubblin’
They took the digger from the site
And went out roamin’ thru the night


I’ve started now so…

A branch of Lidl they did espy
And with a twinkle in their eye
They did ferociouly attack it
Lawd they kicked up such a racket

First they broke the locks and winders (windows)
The doors were broke to naught but splinters
Then with a loud and hearty cheer
The laddies stole the crisps and beer


some decent memes popping up over on the ol’ ISF


absolute praxis