This is a good pizza



Just the right amount of pig anus

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“What do you mean pig, pig anuses how? How am I made of pig anus?”

Best frozen pizza hands down

Eat two a week.

Yes I am aware you didn’t ask.


Nice design

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veggie pizzas are the best.

The tomato sauce on that Goodfellas one is superb

This is a goodfellas pizza

I’m on the fence in general, but with this one the pesto really makes it.

The on the fence is probably mostly because of surprise mushroom though :persevere:

Goodfellas have changed their pizzas recently. The bases are now closer to the Dr O cracker type things. I like them, but not as much. I’d go so far as to say they are definitely not as good anymore.

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best frozen offering out there imo


the good Dr O makes the best pizzas of all

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Big fan of these

Anyone remember when you used to get big Chicago Town pizzas that weren’t the Takeaway ones, scaled up versions of the deep dish ones? They need to bring them back.

Any pizza billing itself as thin crust is bad.


read this in the voice of those m and s adverts

Now we’re talking