This is a hypothetical situation that a hypothetical friend is in*

Hypothetically, lets say you currently have a really terrible job. You work with about 9 other people and 1 of them you totally adore. You all look after a particular area in the business, and 1 is by far and away the worst. Breakdown territory and everyone who does it leaves (6 people in 4 years).

Lets hypothetically say you have been offered a job that you want, in the department you want, earning loads more money.

The only sticking point is that the person you adore will be given this portfolio when you leave which will make them really really unhappy. Would you:

  • Whats the choice to be made here? Take the money and never look back.
  • Stay, for Whitney Houston, that guy from Titanic and the film ‘The Notebook’, sacrifice yourself for love!!! <3
  • What the fuck is wrong with you. Are you unwell?

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Your ‘friend’ would massively regret not taking the opportunity

Just ride off on a unicorn with this person you adore and never look back! :unicorn:

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could your “friend” talk to the person they’re trying to protect from said shite job and ask them how they’d feel about taking it on?

The guilt too much.

Its actually me. I know what you say is true.

They virtually cried when they were told :disappointed_relieved:

oooft, is killing jester an option here?


Can you hypothetically talk to the new department and come to some arrangement, like get this other person to move too, or sort the job out so whoever picks it up doesn’t have such a horrid time?

The fact you’re even asking this question makes you a better person than me.

Your “friend” sounds a bit odd in the way they “completely adore” their colleague.


The amount of promotions you have been offered at this place, how on earth are you not the MD/CEO by now?

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Not really - see below

@laelfy this is true - we’ve been restructuring for about 3 years and I get these promotions short term to cover for gaps that appear as everyone leaves. Then when these are shored up and my actual department goes to hell, I get pulled back - cycle starts again ad infinitum.

That’s seriously frustrating.

I’m self aware enough to know that learning VLookup will not make me a vital cog in many organisations, so I’m grinning and bearing it until I go actually crazy.

gameshark debug mode and just give everyone +99 attack hammers before you’re even on disc 2


this is his hypothetical friend, not him. Very similar to @bugduv’s friend who likes wrestling.

This is like chandler and his weanus

Is this friend Croatian? Asking for a friend.

wow two threads in a week that have taught me that DiS is secretly Tory