This is a monday morning thread for monday morning people


good morning :slight_smile: :grinning: :grin: :joy: :smiley: :smile: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :innocent:

weekend rating 4/10 wbu?


Solid 4/10 for me too, I reckon.

Got a pretty busy work week ahead, but Tim Kasher on Thursday to look forward to.


6.5/10 - family visit meant x2 fancy meals, went for a nice swim and some good runs.
Starting a new job today :fearful:


Weekend rating 8.5/10: lots of good food, sunshine, time with the family, successful birthday party for the eldest, sleep, etc.

Monday rating 3/10 so far


Looks like the new Cambridge North station will be ready to open any week now!!


Morning cowcow :wave: :slight_smile: :wave:

I’d give my weekend a 9 … I’m subtracting one point for the weird :chicken: do, everything else was very good ta.


Hullo. Weekend was 6/10. DiS meat was good but did bugger all else.

Starting new job today and probably wont be able to DiS :open_mouth: was looking forward to a nice walk to work but looks grey af out so might just take the bus. Hrmmpf.


Where are you @Matt_was_taken tell us about japan pls


9/10 weekend

Fuck off Monday.


Weekend gets a 3/10.
Probs gonna have to head up to Leeds later this week without the TV to look at more places to live. Nothing good in the area we wanted so gonna be looking at different parts of the city too.


6/10 weekend.
Hardly anyone in the office today. Might look for new jobs


I am currently working by a swimming pool in the south of Spain so I can’t complain too much.

This weekend I spent Saturday mostly packing and then flying to Alicante. Yesterday swam in a freezing cold swimming pool, went to the beach and went to this cool apartment complex nearby which looks a bit like the Monument Valley game or an Escher painting. It was awesome. Then I ate some steak and drank a tonne of wine.

Not bad at all.


This is the beautiful Isle of Ely


Weekend was a standard 5/10 I suppose.
Really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.
Bit of a miserable morning, I thought the nice weather had arrived

Gonna make the most of the next 4 days at work. My full-time colleague’s last day is Thursday and they’re not making a decision over replacing her until after Easter, so I’ve probably got at least a couple of months of being on my tod for 3 days a week (with colleagues at our other site doing their best to avoid helping me)


Nice of you to take your seat belt off before posting on DiS


Morning cows and etc. There was the incident with the self-correcting oven clock, that was a solid 9/10 moment. Went for a walk around the Olympic Park on Sunday and popped into the velodrome for a wee bit.

Off to Copenhagen on Sunday for wife’s 30th bornday so counting down the days now. 6 more sleepz hun!!!11


Might book another holiday to Spain


8/10 weekend. Was pretty much taps aff up here. Cycled 85 miles, made a decent curry, watched Sexy Beast last night with some Duvel.

Monday is sitting at 5/10 at the moment cos I’m fucking knackered, but seeing Slowdive later.


Morning everybody. I had an excellent weekend 8/10.

Friday: DiS drinks and then dinner at one of the local ace Turkish places for pide and iskender.
Saturday: LONG run in the sunshine through the nature reserve, down the River Lea, through Wanstead, the Olympic, and Victoria Parks. Honestly, one of the best runs I’ve ever done - there were loads of people out doing different activities, and I saw lots of dogs and wildlife. I also saw Bobby Gillespie walking his dog in Victoria Park.
Sunday: Family meal in a pub just outside Cambridge on the banks of the Cam, and then helping my brother out with some DIY.

Quite tired today.


It looked pretty much there when I went past yesterday.