This is a really good 'best films of all time' list

Shawshank Redemption #446 (which seems about right). Only two Lord of the Rings films, ranked near the bottom (although if anything it should be the first two, not Return of the King). Only one Star Wars. No Batman films (I’m not a fan).

No other predictable silliness such as having Citizen Kane, Casablanca and The Godfather all in the Top 3.

Might watch loads of these over the summer.

Scrolled down until I saw pulp fiction and it’s a wonderful life in the top 100 lol


Breathleas and The Searchers in the top 20, Im oot

Was gonna count how many I’d seen but that would be pointless

American Psycho?

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Think that’s a tv show actually

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Of course Pulp Fiction is in the top 100, it’s bloody marvellous.

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Just Tarantino nicking bits off films he likes though innit


vertigo’s #2 and its not even the best hitchcock film. nonsense


2001’s #3 and its not even the best kubrick film. nonsense

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Like maybe four films in the top 20
Films are so shite

wont carry on, dont worry

It’s fine

Always gets a bit redundant when you’re saying oh such and such is the 43rd best film of all time, this one’s the 78th and this one’s the 110th. Meaningless.


star wars is the only star wars film and its not even the best star wars film

camping’s at number 32 and it’s not even the best etc

Strange Days?

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The numbers are ridiculously arbitrary. For example, what happened since last year to make The Rules of the Game and Tokyo Story switch places? Same question for The Searchers and Seven Samurai.

Reminds me of this Top 1001 albums list, although at least they’re not ranked, in that some are clearly included to show eclectic diversity (and are shit), and some are clearly artsy bollocks that are included to make the listmaker™ look good.

Well that’s us told: if you’re young you can’t make good films, sorry guys: all the great films were already made years before. Just give up and go home.

Such a fucking (Cry)Baby Boomer list.