This is a thing now? What’s next?


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I just saw this

It’s just pasta and sauce!! Through the post!!

What’s going on


artisanal sauces


art is anal


Post a and sauce more like!


It’s co-founded by this prick!



old sauce




Sauce completely mixed in with pasta is the absolute worst


'kin 'ell


is it?

Please elaborate…


From the FAQs

How many does each portion serve?

We serve generously, so a single portion serves one hungry pasta-lover.

What? One portion serving one person isn’t generous.




nah - that’s how it should be


You know what - I’ve decided spending extra cash on good dried pasta is 100% worth it

This stuff is deelicious



On the subject of pasta: is there anyone who has a pasta machine who fancies giving me some advice?


I bought a pasta machine.

Used it one time.


I think it’s just because I’m loyal to the alleged authentic Italian way of eating it (I may be wrong and that may vary across regions, I heard if you put Parmesan on seafood pasta in the south you get arrested and thrown in jail.)

To paraphrase Twin Peaks, I just love the feeling when rich sauce collides with plain pasta.


I think there’s actually quite a serious point in here about the relationship between portion sizes (which although aren’t a specific measurement in their own right, have increased significantly over the last 30 years or so in restaurants/ready meals etc.) and increased overweightness of the UK population. It’s hard for people to keep weight off - this helps them I feel.


Alright, Wyclef Jean