this is a thread where you share festive vegetarian and/or vegan recipe ideas

I would like some inspo and you all well love cooking things, so I thought I would ask

so please share all sorts of things here and I will try cooking them myself

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Made this tonight to use up some sweet potatoes, salad and tofu we had in the fridge.

I’d put some fish and soy sauce in with the pickles but I assume there are veggie alternatives.

I also coated the tofu in flour and oven roasted it.

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ooh yes please

is this festive in Vietnam?

I’ll have it either way. I’m sure I have alternatives to fish sauce in.

Shit, I missed the key word in the title.


it’s okay, I was after unusual festive stuff too so

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got this for xmas last year


deffo did a few things from it. will dig it out.

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These are banging

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Going to make this


And this


This looks really good! What does celeriac taste like?

Think its love it or hate it but I love it and garlic really brings the flavour out. There is a celery vibe but very faintly but its nutty really, find it impossible to describe

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I hate celery but I like nuttiness.
I should make a celeriac side dish which isn’t integral to the meal (in case I don’t like it)
I’m thinking maybe a gratin?

I hate celery too BTW.

Just mashed with garlic or I often chuck it into roasted veg (especially good with walnuts and blue cheese)

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I don’t like blue cheese, sorry :pensive:

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I knew you wouldn’t.

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Check this thread from last month