This is a Tuesday Thread

For Tuesday people.

Dread pretty high, as is cba.


Enlighten and uplift me.

I am not a Tuesday person.

I fear that I may fail to do this.


Merry day @he_2 and all future posters though.



Off today. Plan is to: sort breakfast out for kiddo, drink 2 cups of tea, go to sainos for food shop, park by the football club and walk into town for a coffee and cake/pastry and a browse in the record shop, book a haircut for tomorrow, make a curry, pick my wife up from work and drop her at the hospital for a follow up appointment for her ectopic pregnancy. Sounds busy, really isn’t

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Serving my 2nd week of my 4 week resignation period. What’s the fucking point? I don’t wanna be there, they don’t want me there, they haven’t hired anyone to replace me so I can’t train them

Period painssssss

Roll on half term pleaseeeee

Your job now is to lower morale as much as humanly possible in those around you.


“Yeah that’ll do”



This is a Tuesday thread
It’s a thread in which to Tues

Kick fuck out of it

Even if it’s not your stop

not hard to be honest. place is like working in a prison.


Anna Meredith was great last night. Lovely to see @rob.orch plus bonus @chris-budget

Think I might have seen @CillaCrack too?


My feelings on today, as summed up by my favourite locally spotted personalised licence plate…


Already had massive arguments with my mum, my brother is pretty much ignoring me. Can hide away for the morning while R is at preschool but after that things will be impossible :frowning:

Strong silly baby just pulled herself up to stand by the slats of her crib for the first time. The delight on her face when she managed it was off the charts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Excited for the day ahead and the opportunity to make ground breaking developments in Higher Education user interfaces!!11

WFH start to the day due to major :sleeping:, but then off to see 8 1/2 tonight to make it my third Fellini in the last few weeks. Such culture!

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Been up since 4am (again. Looks like it’ll be like this for a while) so I actually went to the gym before work. Full cock fest and I couldn’t be arsed to do much…so clearly rewarding myself with a pret vegan croissant.

I have a couple of tricky and delicate things I need to deal with in work today- I’m going to get straight into it when I get into the office, not even stopping for a cup of tea first. I feel a bit like I’m chasing my tail just now so I’m going to try to get on top of workload and do some planning this week too.
Going for lunch with my team today though, which will be fun, and I have a good tip for a horse running today (in fact scrap that, Ayr has been abandoned due to wet ground.)

Headphones appear to be bust.

This is going to have a significant impact on my ability to remain un-hulked today.