this is a wednesday banal thread

it’s 4pm and you’ve been given a voucher for 1 x hot drink and 1 x pastry or snack to go with it form eric’s café. what you sayin?

absolutely lost the will for this job on day 3 and it’s gonna last 10-12 weeks. how’s your motivation?

anything happening this afternoon?

A green tea and no snack please, I’m trying to fit into my new Dawnwalker t-shirt that arrived today.

I sent a two line email half an hour ago and that used up the rest of my motivation for today.

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Stuck indoors and channelled my malaise into a ten minute slow motion rodeo-sounding ambient guitar choon

Kinda yo la tengo-y but amateurish


how do people do work? it’s impossible.


Hiya, can I have a latte and oooh… a blueberry muffin please?

My motivation to sit and read/do coursework is nil, but had lots of motivation to get up and do stuff in my flat and cycle on the spot. Nothing to do with the six black coffees I’ve had today, I’m sure.


Ooh ooh also does the erics cafe do brownies

Coffee and you can shove the pastry up your arse!


Vegan Sausage Roll and a Pepsi max or Coke zero please Eric. Don’t mind which - either will do.

Hate to say it zeal, but he did specify hot drink only


He’ll heat them for you, you know that?

quite heavy for a snack that but who am i to judge!!!11

I’ll just have the lid then. No one cares about the arse of a muffin, we’re all just here for the lids

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top of the muffin to you!


Can’t believe you’re saying something I strongly agree with for once

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You’ve just stumbled into a Seinfeld plot here

(you should tell eric to stick the rest up his arse)


I’ve liked this but also ban request

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How’s Hades going

We agreed on toilet brushes that one time

I’m never playing it again. Happy now?

Oh yeah. Toilet brushes and muffin lids, that’s all we’ve got.

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