this is a wednesday banal thread

No not really

Hey, it’s enough for me!!

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it’s a seinfeld thing, don’t worry about it

(kerms, seinfeld was a comedy show on tv in the late 80s and early 90s.)

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Rooibos please, no pastry, they’re probably a bit stale by now.

Having to deal with the auditors at the moment. No-one likes auditors.

Did you see me ask for it chilled Kermit?

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How quaint! Was it in colour or?

:smiley: fair dos

I’m very bored


I’ll have a black americano and do you have some kind of savoury pastry like a tomato and mozerella empanada?

I’m currently on hour 3 of 4 hour call

busted open a pack of these

they look like fig rolls but have chocolate in!!! what a world.

I’d actually be furious at that

they are quite nice but i would actually prefer some FRs right now

So sick of my job I want. Can’t believe I’ve been back from my gap yah for a whole year and have nothing to show for it. If it wasn’t for global recession/pandemic and I had any confidence in my ability to get a fun job I would be out of here.

Oh, can I have an oat milk latte and a Bounty please.

Flat white and a cinnamon bun is what I would order

On a call I have nothing to contribute to. The cats must be bored to cos they’re moping around waiting for food and it’s not time yet. If it was sunny out they’d be out

Should have a jelly wasp in the middle too

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ill go a cappucino and a lemon muffin pls x

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i guess there’s no law against that

long black
jam doughnut


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i mean why would there be


decent shout