This is correct

I think I prefer snickers to all of the others


These bozos just can’t help giving their opinions on stuff!


really though some of these there is hardly any difference in, snickers, toffee crisp, fudge, lion bar, mars bar etc and others they aren’t really even the same food group; jelly babies, turkish delight, fruit pastilles

No Boost = No correct.


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I would say jelly babies, Turkish delight and fruit pastilles are more ‘the same thing’ than Snickers, Fudge and Toffee Crisps are…

it wasn’t on there, but obviously Boost is S+. You know I wouldn’t let you down.

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Lion Bar = Picnic

Toffee Crisps are at least A tier.

Were I to rank this same set of sweet newsagent treats, I’d surely rank them differently, making you an ideal partner to divvy up the mix with, were we to ever find ourselves in a situation where we were in a newsagent, having to buy that same set of sweet newsagent treats to share equally between us*

* for the purpose of this scenario, all treats are worth an equal amount.

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how can you have mars and snickers three tiers apart? they’re basically the same

if you don’t like nuts, fine. but you have to accept they should score the same.

the fuck is this


the nuts completely change the taste and mouth-feel of the bars, they may have mostly the same ingredients but they are very different. Aero and Mint Aero are very different too.

@AQOS fancied an easy 500 replier I think.



they COMPLETELY change the taste do they??

fuck off they do. fruit pastels taste different to a mars bar. a snickers tastes like 99% the same.

yeah, completely

Lion Bar + Toffee Crisp = Picnic

a prime example for the phrase ‘less than the sum of its parts’

one of my friends stresses the ‘toffee’ when pronouncing ‘toffee crisp’ and it is very distressing

they should do other types of crisp