this is FOREVER the tuesday thread

this is just me asking where it is

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Kinda asking for it to become the Tuesday thread like that though.

I need a Tuesday thread to jag some raffle stuff in, already started a thread with that the other day so can’t very well do that again so soon.

im just looking for somewhere to complain about geoff goldblum

Is this the place for me to register my sore legs and high-level cost benefit analysis?

Bangers and mash for tea though. The sausage kind, not the @ChorizoPasta kind.

Applying for some jobs later although I will probably have to plan some classes too.

Did not make it to 7am circuits as warm bed won. Meant to be onsite in half an hour and I’m still in bed :woman_shrugging:. So much to do today/this week.

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What’s he done now?

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he’s got an album out


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I didn’t sign up for this? I didn’t even know they were still going? :thinking:

Well, if this were the Tuesday thread, I would be posting this link to the Hardship Fund Raffle prize donation thread and reminding people that if tbe want to donate a prize they must do so before 11am on Wednesday morning


I’ll take a remote control helicopter, golf you can play on the toilet and an inflatable pint glass please.

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how bizarre


Going to my Grandma’s funeral. Going to be an odd day, really sad but also a kind of celebration as she was completely brilliant. 97 is not bad either.


Hope it all goes as well as can be expected Slickers, take care of yourself :heart:


Morning folks,

I had a terrible night’s sleep, thanks to the double whammy of the cat - who has switched allegiance and decided that I’m her favourite so she must sleep at my feet all night - and the boy who came into us around 1am then thrashed around for an hour and a half. If you need me I’ll be bathing in a vat of coffee.

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Oh he sounds good

Is he maybe talking about Autochess?

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Just want to say, I absolutely hate days where you wake up needing to poo immediately.

Very hard, getting to work today. Yeeeurgh. Might go to wagamama’s after work to cheer myself up.

It’s because it’s 4D chess, obvs.

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Oh fuck it’s Bonfire night