This is Friday night

And WHAT a trumpeter he was!


There it is! :trumpet::trumpet:

Oh, she had a voice that could make the angels weep with jealousy. Angels, I tell ya!


Hey everyone

Amazon delivered my home Covid test for some reason and didn’t bother to knock on the door, not like it’s important or anything. Luckily I got a burrito delivered or it would have been there indefinitely

Going to eat my burrito and watch Married at 1st sight. Being ill is making it easier to lay off the booze and weed at least

First time I got a test it was Amazon also, in a massively oversized box

Evening! Veggie pasta for dinner, might go a red wine.

Look what my friend dropped over :smiley:


Yeah got a big flat bag thing, actual test box inside would have easily gone through the letterbox

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Weird, Royal Mail delivered my test in November and just stuck it through the letterbox. The test box was in a black plastic bag/envelope thing.

I think I might have actually fucked up the test by putting it in a postbox on a Saturday evening though. Don’t know whether the fluctuating temperatures while it sat in a metal postbox for two nights might have impacted on the outcome of the test, but it came back negative anyways.

@laelfy @Witches @shirtfans it’s absolutely massive, think it’ll only work on a sunny beach but I’m gonna wear the hell out of it in that setting dammit!


/wearing it to the next DiSmeat, obviously


Feel like you should have some comical shades and a big cocktail with a parasol in it


See you in 2023!


chopping and cooking chicken breast audit

  • I cut off and bin all that horrid white sinew, obviously
  • Mmmm, gristle
  • Not on chookbook/meatbook

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Lads I feel like an absolute zombie at the moment barely leaving the house or seeing daylight. Bored of this.

Gonna fix up some dinner then watch Liverpool annihilate some kids and then some trashy Bridgerton


work too full on for you to get out for a daytime walk, or just not fucked given the weather?

i’ve made myself a tick chart of basic daily practical goals, like having a walk, going outside, brushing my teeth twice. Genuinely helping, even if it makes me feel like a child

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good god Kopparberg NA Mixed Fruits is sweet, like somebody’s melted a freezer full of ice lollies into a bottle and gassed it up in a Sodastream sweet


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Had SFPP, will have beer (against my better judgement because still got a weird head after a mega migraine). Had such a rubbish week, need some form of relief.

Going to Kart some Mario with DiSers after R has got to sleep.

That’s about it.

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gonna have some red wine and get stoned