This is my 200th Topic on DiS

I have it on good authority that is THE MOST topics created by any user on the website!!!1111
What an achievement!
We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, but I think we will all agree, that the great content provided has always shone through!
What has been your favourite? So many to choose from!
Feel free to AMA!!!11


This one

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Cant believe Lucien gave me that award, what a monster!

I’d have to say


thank you for all that you do

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This was a contender

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This one feels strangely apt right now

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Congratulations, but I can’t believe @ma0sm hasn’t made more. What counts as a topic? Assuming it’s not just a thread as @Funkhouser 's made us all argue about what the best band/food/drink is which must be over 10,000+ threads.


never got stickied! Some simple, thoughtful rules to live by, ignored!

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I can’t believe it either!

All threads have to be pure quality and thrilling, like this

200! #doubleton



Anyone can photoshop that sort of thing, but IOS clearly is the winner here


There is every chance this is my 28,000th post but ill never know cause the decibel only goes right one


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It wasnt

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Nor was this

Or this

please do not sully the sanctity of this thread with a posts chase. We are here to celebrate reaching 200 topics, the most topics of any user!

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I dont believe you because i suspect you may not even be on safari, you broke the trust not me

Congratulations again