'This is my Friday!'/'FO,M' Thursday Thread


Still, Part Chimp tonight. w00t*

*haven’t seen this in 10 years maybe?


Morning El Warn.

My tea went cold before I got around to drinking it. This could be a bad omen.

I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow so it’s perfectly acceptable to have takeaway for dinner tonight so there’s no dirty plates etc left over the weekend, RIGHT?

This is my Friday!


There can be no better reason for a takeaway!

Except maybe when you come BACK from holiday and there’s no food in the house.


Pub dinner.


morning warn and dog person!


Morning thewarn et al

Off to the doctors to get a full medical for a short contract I’m doing at a client’s office. Why I need to give a wee sample for a two-week stint in an office I don’t know.


Alright, Dido


Lucien’s back??!!!



Also Part Chimp tonight. Or, as 'er indoors said, “who is it we’re seeing tonight? Funky Monkeys or something?” Fucking hell.



I’ll be the one with my brother and a skinny teacher


alright party people,
think today is my friday, haven’t decided yet.
Off to see Spamalot tonight as a friend of ours is in it dancing or some shit, anyone seen it, any good? probably get drunk


Don’t think there’s a better Thursday all year than the one before Easter weekend.

Happy Thursday all of you!



Skinny Teacher sounds like a Belle & Sebastian album track.


oh no


Gooooooood morning drownedinsound!

Today is my Friday.
Pick up the keys to our Leeds house on Saturday :smiley:
It’s unfurnished and we’re not moving in properly until the May bank holiday, so I think we will have… one chair, a desk and an airbed on our arrival. TV is going to be revising for a big professional exam so I will probably just sit on the floor and play Dark Souls on my laptop.


morning all!

this morning is my thursday afternoon, this afternoon is my friday morning and tomorrow morning is my friday afternoon

so there


not sure who the dog guy is tbh



ugh, realised I forgot my laptop when I was halfway to work, so was in a big rush and haven’t had breakfast. gonna pop out for a greggs soon I think. PSB gig last night was loadsa fun. don’t have friday or monday off so today is just a regular thursday for me unfortunately



Dead quiet on the way in this morning, felt like those days between Christmas and New Year maybe.

Nothing to report.