This is My House

Anyone watching this? We watched last night’s episode and I think we might be hooked. Or at least Mrs F is, which is pretty much all it takes.

Should be a car crash. Is quite a car crash. Entertaining.

We guessed the correct Gemma for the record.

Is it as good as the show which had a dog go round a celebs house with a camera on its back?

I didn’t see it, but on the evidence you’ve already supplied I’d have to say I’d be sceptical.

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Put it this way: instead of a dog walking round your house you have three liars walking around claiming ownership of your house and your husband, and licking your sofa.

Watched it last week and now I am hooked. LOVED the woman this week pretending to be furious that someone was talking selfies in her house.

Has Jimmy Carr had a hair transplant?


Is this normal houses or fancy pants houses? I can’t watch stuff with amaizng homes as it makes me a bit jealous :grinning:

It takes some real brass neck to be one of the fakes doesn’t it? And I loved Stacey Dooley asking the husband if the interviews were the worst hour of his life.

Last night’s house was quite a large house in Farnham painted in primary colours (inside and out). There was some extremely delusional chat about the feasibility of buying that size house in Farnham off the proceeds of selling somewhere in Brixton.

Ok I think I could deal with that - sounds like something mrs budget will like a lot :+1:



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(I wasn’t being catty btw, I genuinely was trying to put my finger on why he looked different).

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Haven’t seen that one yet, but apparently it happened.

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You’ve sold it to me

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