This Is Not This Heat @ Barbican


Anyone going? How was the Cafe Oto shows last year? Did it justify a venue like the Barbican?


I went to the Barbican, but missed the Café Oto gigs last year because they sold out in a nano-second.

I thought it was absolutely incredible and totally justified the venue. Just to see those songs being performed was an event in itself, but what was remarkable was that fleshing them out to 15(!) performers at points they still sounded right.

Highlights for me were S.P.Q.R and A New Kind of Water, both of which sounded massive. Also Charles Haywood doing Gareth William’s bit in Makeshift Swahili but replacing the lyrics with him singing “Gareth, Gareth, Gaaaaaaaaaareeeeeeth!”

The only negative for me was that for some reason after just plain, subdued white lighting for pretty much the whole gig, the lighting guy decided to go crazy with green lasers on 24 Track Loop, which slightly killed the magic.

Also, Hayward and Bullen both seemed genuinely touched and delighted that people had turned up and enjoyed it, which was really lovely to see.