This is Not This Heat final show

Anyone at The Albany at the end of may for this? I’ve not heard much excitement anywhere regarding this or at least I can’t even give my spare ticket away.

Anyway, it’s going to be great, anyone have any idea of what the venue is like? Anyone want a free ticket?

I am not in London otherwise I’d take it off your hands. Heard good things about their Cafe Oto shows a few years ago.

Yeah, the Barbican one was amazing the year after…I think it depends on the size of the stage as to what to expect, 12 or so musicians recreating then. Don’t think it can be bad regardless of setup though

If you’re having trouble losing a free ticket then i’d absolutely be interested. Heard great things about the previous London shows and if this is the last chance to see it seems too good to pass up!

Aight cool. Dunno logistics… Ordered two tix and then a third separately on the list or whatever as opposed to physical… Will see if that can be transferred or something. Otherwise meet there ? Will pm at a later date to sort.

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So, this ticket is available again… Has everyone just got a ticket or does no one care?