This is now the motorcycling thread

Does anyone here ride a motorbike Or have a full motorcycle license?

  • Ridden one
  • Been a passenger but never ridden one
  • Never been on one, wouldn’t mind riding one
  • Never been on one, wouldn’t mind being a passenger
  • You’ll never get me on one of those things ffs

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I’ve always thought that motorbikes offer a freedom and respect on the road that bicycles can’t.

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I like that being a passenger =/= riding one

Speaking as a car driver:
cyclist = contempt
motorcyclists = outward contempt but secretly jealous

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Was going to say ‘driving one’ but that doesn’t sound right

Ridden only as a passenger?

Been thinking of getting a mo-ped instead of learning to drive.

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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Don’t burden with semantics; it’s Friday

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Isn’t it still the case that you can ride a moped if you have a full licence?

Speaking as a cyclist:

Car drivers: cunts
Motorcyclists: even more cunty and worse than car drivers

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:joy: I love the dynamic we roadusers have

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Fine idea? Like depends on where you live etc really and if you want to be able to go long distances/on the motorway or ever be able to take people or things places.

But a driving license covers up to 50cc

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I sat on a stationary one to bond with my future brother in law. Felt expensive and I was scared I might break it.

I want one of those electric bikes that look indistinguishable from not electric bikes.

I hate that motorbikes are allowed to undertake on dual carriageways

(Edit; hate = am so jealous)

The only reason motorcyclists rile me up is cos in London they think it’s acceptable to sit in the ASL box (had a proper rowdy shouting match the other day with one dude who said WHERE’S THE PICTURE OF A BIKE THERE ISN’T ONE only when the lights changed the car who had stopped over the bike logo revealed it). They also have a tendency to think they can easy scoot through three lanes of traffic when in reality they can’t, and end up blocking safe routes for those able to fit through.


my dad is a massive fan of motorbikes and is building an old Yamaha up in his garage which he probably won’t ever ride properly through fear of death as his best made died riding one when they were v young

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Would love to regularly ride a motorbike but I know in my heart of hearts that I would die.

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Basically want to know about it because I drive to work and it takes me !etween 90-120 minutes at rush hour. It could reduce it to about 40-50