This is now the washing hands etiquette thread

The coronavirus thread is ssp and that discussion has completely derailed the thread.

I shall not be participating but this is clearly a hot topic and people clearly have a lot to get off their chest.

I work in a cafe in a train station so it’s fair to say I wash my hands very often.

I work at a hospital so I do it every time I open a door (if it’s there use it etc etc)

Well tbf I o ly do proper washes at the bathroom

It’s all big soap lies


To be honest I think the hand washing topic is a major part of the Coronavirus story and I don’t think you should be telling us we can’t discuss it there

It was talking about whether it was etiquette or manners to wash ur hand after touching ur ding dong and accusations of sexism going round in a spiral of hopelessness and not actually people talking about correct procedure, if we are being completely honest


I’m proud to say that I’ve always washed my hands after a piss or a shit, or both

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  • bar of soap
  • pump bottle of soap
  • other, please specify

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I’ve not been in the coronavirus thread - could someone highlight where the beeves start? K tnx…

I’ve decided i’m going to wash my hands after all poos now. Ususlly do at work but not at home.

No, we musn’t…


One for the Irish folks here:

Probs the first thing I was taught about the bathroom.

Really don’t know why you wouldn’t wash your hands. Besides anything else it wastes an extra 30 seconds or so each time you go for a piss at work…

they’ve got these alcohol soap pumps at this job. pumped my hands about 4 times today. hopefully will have imbibed some of the booze.


i’ve been in some loos where the sinks are definitely grottier than my penis, mate. proper jumper sleeve over the hand when pushing the door open type thing.

piss on em

you should wash your hands but to be honest there’s loads more disgusting things people do daily

People who fart or burp for example