This is ridiculous


How am I supposed to get past?


Take a few moments to enjoy your life x


never leave the house without mine


“excuse me”


you’re completely screwed mate.

until you get to the end of that path at least.


link them to this thread


“baking powder?”


This was at like 8:30, too early to be talking to people


how’s it looking now?


I would make sure my shoes were audible or coughed so their attention was caught thus making them feel guilty and horrfied they were in my way and they would say “sorry” and id walk past silently satisfied.


Bit creepy snapping a shot of three lassies from behind.

Also, try “excuse me” and move along.


…Potentially on their way to School?


Agreed things like this upset me too


They work in an office near me I reckon


Yeah Surinder said I should’ve done the same




Of course, they all have lovely bottoms.


Really selfish behaviour this, makes my blood boil mate.


Either that or they’re here for the cob van. It’s a pretty good cob van tbf