This is some Sunday huh??

Damn right it is.

Today will be spent ignoring messages from the woman who said I am unkind to everyone on Friday, realised I’m not having it and is trying to redeem herself.
No way.

Bit of work, bit of cooking, lot of Money Heist which we started yesterday with V. Great telly.

How’s about you??


What a tool.

I decided to mess with a winning formula and let Mrs shiny get up with the bairns about half an hour ago in the hope of getting another wee half hour of snooze but nah once they’re all awake, I can never drift off. Should just have let her have her usual long lie and then maybe tried to wangle a nap later.

Football on telly at 12. Maybe some online Christmas shopping. Very fancy dinner planned later. Easy Sunday hopefully.

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All fine here. Feel a lot better after a good night’s sleep.

The eldest has signed up for the school play and whilst they can provide 1:1 support for the evening rehearsals they can’t for the Sundays. So I’m accompanying her today- got to sit in a drama studio for four hours.

Got a day off tomorrow and am going to be making Christmas confectionery etc so need a supermarket shop at some point.

Mrs CCB’s sister is staying and has offered to buy us Local Indian for dinner :yum: oh and she’s bought us a new teapot which is lovely! I’ll take a pic when I’m out of bed and the light is better.


Anybody else’s DiS doing this on their phone ?

Today I will be doing nothing.

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Alright Bruno Mars.

Also no, fine on mine.

  • Go downstairs and read your book :open_book:
  • Try to get back to sleep for a few hours :sleeping:

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It’s my other half’s birthday today, so we’ve already done presents and now we’re drinking tea in bed. There’s a proper M&S Colin the caterpillar cake (none of these cheap knock offs) for later, oh, and we’re out to dinner tonight too. I think we’ll be seeing the in laws at some point, but no massive plans outside that


Is it some weird night mode thing? (Or whatever that moon is?)

Dunno. Whatever was causing it has stopped now :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:

Landlady is popping round for an undisclosed reason. Low level dread about being told that she’s selling the house and needs us out or something. Probably just wants to check out the property, but y’know, brains 🤷. So frantic tidying is happening. Gonna make pancakes and try to angle a roast of so kind for dinner. Tree up later. Boing.




Ooooh. So nice!! :coffee:

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It’s A’s first birthday today! Once we give her presents I’m going back to bed because I was up with her for hours last night.


Morning all.
So far, showered, breakfasted and watched Match of the Day.
To come: pick up some LFTs; buy Christmas card, wrapping and last bit of Secret Santa; market lunch; possibly make a start on the beer advent calendar that I’ve felt too ill to contemplate so far this month.

Morning all.

Dog walked in what can only be described as solid mizzle. We appeared to be sharing our route with an absolutely massive raven.

Glad I stepped away from the Halo when I did last night. Smudge informing us he’s ready for bed now, by increasingly elaborately rearranging himself, is quite good for that sort of thing.

This afternoon might see some Christmas lights going up, and wrapping of presents. Secret Santa stuff is all here so need to get that out the door today or tomorrow some how.

Still waiting for a baby. Gonna have a walk today and try and a find a film to watch that’s not as awful as Yesterday.

Morning all!

My brother goes home today so we had a cooked breakfast as a treat - hash browns, bacon, scrambled eggs, tattie scones and beans. Pretty good start to the day.

Wor Lass is still on call but we’re potentially going to the Xmas Market (not if I get my way) and having members of her family visit on their way back from a wedding (leave me alone, please.

I’ve somehow left myself a load of bits of work to do before next week but it’s my last proper week before my Xmas break so I’m sure I’ll survive.


Making big fat fluffy pancakes :yum:


Anglos a Sunday!

Stayed awake until 3 for no good reason, cat and child took turns keeping me awake since. Mum is over for a few hours soon, might go for a walk on my own and leave her with M.

Should I make:

  • Chilli tofu
  • Lemon tofu

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Omg @slicky that woman sounds like an absolute douchebag. @rich-t hope it goes OK, I have some dread on your behalf, thats not cool to not tell you. Happy birthday mini @Kallgeese and @colon_closed_bracket what a teapot! :star_struck:


Woke up coughing. Not planning on leaving the bed all day. Just gonna order xmas presents online

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