This is Sunday, right?

Another broken sleep due to the youngest bairn refusing to sleep without a 3am snack - I mean, I sympathise but get a grip.

Nothing on the agenda at all.


Yep, it’s definitely a Sunday. Mrs CCB is away on a hen day all day so I’ve got sole charge of the cheeksters. They had really high expectations (i.e. that I’d put on an afternoon tea to make up for them not going on the hen do!) so I’ll be letting them down gradually.


Piece of piss. Make a sandwich and cut it up into wee shapes so it goes stale quicker. Get a few cakes from the corner shop. Charge them £45.


Yeah didnt sleep great and still feel quite dehydrated despite drinking nothing but water all day yesterday.

Messaged a pal to see if they want to get a curry later.

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I’m having my second cup of tea (on account of the mugs in the holiday place being tiny, we are going to treat ourselves to some larger mugs today)

Girls are both still in bed and it’s very quiet. Going to do some mindfulness now I think

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Hangin after the gig last night. Full beers/shots/kebab finish night out, could barely remember that was like


Morning! Slept in till 9.30, still in my PJ’S, drinking a big ol coffee and starting another rewatch of The Office (US). Think I’ll make some shakshuka for breakfast :slightly_smiling_face:


Morning all!

I’ve already done a PCR test this morning.

Wor Lass is letting The Child do ‘work’ in the office while she attends to NHS business.

I don’t think they’ve noticed I’m home.

Morning all. Last day in Guernsey today and it’s a beautifully sunny one. Going to hit the beach before packing and an ETA home of midnight :grimacing:

Drinking a “Magic EyePA” which I guess @scout would appreciate

Sadly not big enough for me to make out the picture though.


I think there’s a thread in this. Don’t think there are many foods with as big a rip-off potential as the afternoon tea. There’s one locally that’s about £7.95 where the doorstep sandwiches are made fresh in front of you and there’s enough food to leave you wanting an afternoon nap. But yes, I’ve seen/heard of the opposite too.


Morning lovelies

Sunny old day here so going to sit and watch telly, practice putting the tent up and maybe go for a wander somewhere.

I don’t think it would be possible for me to work out the magic eye cause my brain would just keep going “MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILLION MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILLION”


I was hanging a bit yesterday but had a good sleep to try a run this morning. I’m off to my in laws today for a quick drink and to see everyone but my bf isn’t coming as he’s got a golf match.


Nothing much to report here. We’re back from Cornwall, the house is still here, the cats got fed.

My other half will be out for hours later while she collects a bike for Jimbo she bought on eBay, which was collection only. She didn’t realise when she was bidding quite how far away Woking was. There’s a thing going on in a nearby park this afternoon which will hopefully kill some time.

Wishing away the weekend so that our guests are gone. Furious about it. Have had wife’s friends stay, staying with her family a weekend and now this on consecutive weekends. Bring back bloody lockdown ffs!!

The cats woke me 4 times during the night

And two of the four kittens have already gone to new homes

I hate it

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Just about up after a heroic amount of wine with my brother last night. We’re off to a record fair today with hopefully a big breakfast stop on the way.

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How far way is Woking??

My dad who lives close to me, so Wiltshire, recently bought a ukelele collection only from Norwich.

Luckily they are on holiday in Kent this week so it’s just a full days drive and extra nights stay from there 🤷

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Played pool last night. Remember that, playing pool in pubs? Was great.

And then danced to trance with a rucksack still on my back