This is the 10am to 10:59am thread

Hello everyone. I am at work.

I’m in work again. This seems to happen all the time. Any idea how I can break the cycle uncategorized crew?

this is now the cycle uncategorized crew thread

@esa, @theo, Is there anyway I can ban users from replying to my threads? Or haven’t I reached that user level yet?

good plan! Who are you thinking of banning?

Happy for it to be just us 2 chatting, tbh.

Probably just that antpocalypse bloke.

Who else should we invite to join the uncategorized cycle crew?

not aggpass: I don’t trust anyone with that many likes. Too populist.

Who are the really unpopular users again? We should invite some of them for more refreshing and invigorating chat.

what do you say @marcofella and @martbowski ?

am I early?

Warny, what are you doing? As a founding member of the uncategorized cycle crew I expect you to be more responsible,

very sorry. Got a bit excited. Won’t happen again.

Looking forward to the archers later? I haven’t heard it since last weekend’s omnibus!!!

I’ve missed it everyday this week therefore I think I’ll wait until Sunday’s omnibus to catchup. Don’t want to spoil any developing plotlines by jumping in halfway through!!

Very wise.

good morning dix

i think the is responsible for my spoify app going haywire this morning

Oh rly? Why is that c2?

i’m not sure, but it’s stopped (not paused) the song i was listening to five times th
oday and only when i am using the

maybe evil ESA is trying to prevent me from listening to music it doesn’t perceive as cool__

I’m not usually into conspircacy theories but in this case I can’t think of any other explanation.

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Hello all. Any spotify mishaps today @overthehill?