This is the 10pm to 10:59pm thread (all time zones, timing conventions welcome)

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what’s the current time in Russian Orthodox?

asking for a friend

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That’s not Eddie Vedder!

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hello everyone! wishing you all the vrry best   ten o'clock. will itv EVER turn 11 o'clock in this thread? there's only one way to find out - by reading this thread. anyway i have an ulterior motive for this post. ivam trying to see if the </> button allows for a very loooooooooooooooobnnnnng post on one line, as i discovered in the best smiths thread. there is a secret message at the end of this post.  FUP YE! lmao.


Operating on UK time

it’s not even 10pm here you fool!

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evenin’ all

i should be in bed by now!

Theo man, what the hell are you playing at?

What What ge THEO?

yours,concerned in auckland