This is the 12pm (UTC) to 12:59pm (UTC) thread

Timezone ignorant pigdogs

Hey maoam. I think you’ll find that 12 noon is neither am or pm.

Wikipedia disagrees

Oh no, what a personal disaster.

Maybe you can ask wikipedia what the ‘m’ in ‘am’ and ‘pm’ stands for.

Hay maoam, this VincentAdultman twat is a bit of a cocky fucker for a newbie isn’t he?

I’m about 80% certain I know who it is

Only 80%? I’m, like, totally 100% certain.

^Still thinks I’m umlaut_ampersand. Idiot.

Nah, you’re not that witty

Hey everyone, I’m positing in the 12 noon (UTC) to 12:59pm (UTC) thread and you should be too (but only for the next 25 minutes or so).

Anyone up for a bit of midday chat?

I’m glad this thread is open now.

Hi SDD. At what time did it open:

  • 12am
  • 12 noon
  • 12pm

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Thank you.

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Almost had a little 12pm (UTC) to 12:59 (UTC) lunch related fiasco, but I managed to avoid it with some careful forward planning and routine alterations. It was touch and go there for a short while, but now, let’s never talk of it again.

We’re officially into Friday afternoon now.

Get in!

I’m gonna chat in the noontime hour.

Posting in here to apologise for my erroneous use of “12pm” in the 3 peaks thread on the s**ial board.

Thanks SDD. I’m enjoying geoff and marckee pretending to misunderstand each in that thread other at the moment.