This is the 2pm to 2:59pm thread

Hey everyone, hope you’re all holding up. I’m in such a state today that I missed The Archers.

Still at work when I’d rather be listening to The Archers. How are you uncategorized cycle crew?

In to the home straight. If I don’t speak to you again today, have a great weekend uncategorized cycle crew :penguin:

Hi c2. I knew I could rely on you :punch:

fuck! nearly missed it!

happy next 6 minutes, one and all.

Hi warny, you legend :raised_hands:


good afternoon, one and all!

hey warny

Hey JohnM. Is that a picture of you and your accountant?

It is! I’m glad somebody has noticed.

Who’s this VincentAdultman bloke who’s been ruining my favourite hourly thread?

Think it’s one of those guys. Maybe umlaut_amsterdam

Ah, right. I knew he would be able to stay away. Has ohgood dared show his face?

yep - currently posting as JohnnyMango

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Great! Glad that the old gang are all still around. Hi @VincentAdultman, hi @JonnyMango !

If I am understanding you correctly you think I used to post as ohgood? Bcos that is incorrect

And I’m not umlaut_ampersand either. You couldn’t be more wrong warny. Apologise to us both for dragging us all the way out here to the uncategorized board.

oh no what a personal disaster

very sorry to you both, whoever the hell you are then.

Hey everyone. It’s Friday, it’s the 2pm to 2:59pm thread and the Archers is on. Does it get any better than this?