This is the 2pm to 2:59pm thread

Sorry if you think I’m ruining your favourite thread @JohnM, I just love it so much I have to post in it.

@thewarn, please do not post in hourly threads outside of the alloted time please.

@JonnyMango @JohnM @VincentAdultman

No worries

Hey warny, no worries to you too.

@VincentAdultman sorry about being a bit dismissive about you earlier in this thread. I’ve seen some of your other posts now and you seem a great bloke. One of the best posters on here in fact.

Hey everyone, I’m in the 2pm to 2:59pm thread!

Hi Vince, are you having a good time?

Don’t ever call me Vince.

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Oh, hi cc.

afternoon all

Hey warny, hey everyone. I’m posting in the 2pm to 2:59pm thread after 2:59pm and I don’t give a fuck.

Societal breakdown!!!


Please stop fucking up my favourite thread. Thank you.

OK Jo, whatever you say.

good afternoon deuxers :clock2:

Ēalā cūcū

2pm everyone. Get chatting (if you’re not listening to The Archers).

Hi @VincentAdultman, I was going to reply to the other threads, but it’s really more appropriate to do so in here. I feel that if @JohnM hasn’t introduced his accountant to this site after all these years he’s risking some shading accounting, but who am I to hypothesise on his fiscal affairs?

I have to admit I was within seconds of inadvertently posting in another time specific thread, a little over an hour ago. thankfully I saw better of it. @JohnM would certainly not have appreciated that.

Yeah, he does get worked up when somebody does that doesn’t he?

yeah, remember that time he was all in @thewarn and your faces about it? Must have been pretty frightening.