This is the 2pm to 2:59pm thread

It was!

Sorry I’m late -pip’ s just been dismembered in a threshing incident

Fucks sake warny, spoilers! You know I like to save all my Archers listening for the sunday omnibus.

what’s the archers?

Archers? Don’t even know hers.

@thewarn I meant to reply to you but fucked up so @ing you to make sure you see my brilliant post.

Not long to go now


Alright bud?

I prefer the refreshing taste of miller lite

listened to almost all of the archers omnibus yesterday whilst driving to Milton Keynes.

A rare treat!

Really wary about replying seriously to this as it’s pretty likely to be another setup enabling you to humilate me over my love of The Archers.

Glad to hear it pal. I’m more into those wanky craft beers these days.

genuinely isn’t!

Rob’s in minnesota! Few years too late for the noise rock scene pal, good luck with THAT!!


It’s 10:03 PM

So post in the 10pm to 10:59pm thread then.

Hay jezza_izza

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Alright Vincey, hope you don’t mind me popping my head round the door here.

I can’t speak on behalf of Vince, but JohnM told you to ‘EFF OFF’

smh, he was such a lovely man on old DiS.

Stop calling me Vince.

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