This is the 2pm to 2:59pm thread

Anyone seen @ericthefourth posting in the 9am to 9:59am thread at 1:57pm? I am not happy.

@ericthefourth hello other grownup.

Never posted in a specific time thread before. Now seems as good a time as any to break my duck.

Hi mate

Hey ethric, you OK?

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Good afternoon fellow cool uncats, just about to go out for a sunday spin. TTYS.

Let’s try and stick to the appropriate time threads everybody. If we don’t, can we really claim to be any better than the social board?

Just in time!

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I notice I last posted in this thread over a month ago. So much for it being my favourite thread.

Hello uncategorized people, you’re looking good!

Right back atcha JohnM!