This is the 6am to 6:59am thread

Good morning!

Noone has created the daily thread yet so this will just keep us going.

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Very specific. Hello from 17.21pm.

Good evening! Have you left work yet?

Fuck off pal

Sorry I’m grumpy in the morning

Chances of a snow day:slim to none

Morning! So cold, the boiler condensate pipe is frozen and I can’t defrost it so got no heating or hotwater. Our house is draughty af too :grimacing:

just made it with 13 mins to spare

looking outside and at the trains, I reckon I could easily get to work today. looking at the forecast for later, I reckon I’ll be fucked coming home, so leaning towards WFH just in case. pretty sure everyone else is anyway, so no point going in.

it is nice and warm at work though…

Oh long since stopped working but was WFH today. About to crack open a Campari and orange

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Posting here for posterity



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Basically going into work to have a hot shower.

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Oh man, the cancelled tours have hit hard. Bloody weather. My rent was due yesterday…I have £122 and my rent is £595. Fuuuuuck.

Yesterday’s tour that did happen was an invoiced one so got 30 days to wait for that. Same for this Sunday’s.

Oh man :nauseated_face:

I remember these from the old boards.
Great Bunch Of Threads

This is now the 8:10-8:11 thread

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If you need help message me. I still have UK accounts x

Greetings from 8:17.

Weather lady was just chatting about “liquid rain falling from the sky.” Err… Yeah. Thanks.


Thanks Theo.

I’ve just sold 10 packs of vouchers! Hoping I can continue to sell them at that rate :crossed_fingers:


A live 10 minute sermon is played over the tannoy at school every Friday and today the nun has chosen to use the music from the good the bad and the ugly as the backing track. Can barely contain myself


Fair play nooney

Nemone on the breakfast show on 6music this week has been fantastic, let her have it permanently pls