This is the 7pm to 7:59pm thread


Good evening everyone. Hope you’ve had a good start to your weekend.

This is the 9pm to 9:59pm thread

It’s that time of day again. Here’s hoping a great weekend was had by all.


Hey everyone. Haven’t been around these parts for a few days. Hoping for an appearance from @cowcow




Hi c2. Can I say that, even though I haven’t contributed yet, I am very much enjoying TSTv2.

Talk to you soon (in the 9pm to 9:59pm thread)


Sorry folks, but I copywrited this hour, and several others, on the old boards


Evening cowcow and etc


howdy col_clo. hope you all had a pleasant sevening!


It was a good hour! How was yours?


I read some threads and munched* on some ferrero rocher!

In a few minutes time i could say i EIGHT some ferrero rocher


am i pushing it now?




hey, V.A.!


Hi cowcow. Great to see you as always. I’m tempted to start an 8pm to 8:59pm thread today. By my calculations it will increase evening chatting potential by 50%!


Good evening to everyone, and a warm welcome to a new participant @ericthefourth. i do believe his watch needs a slight adjustment however!!!


Hello cowman



This is the 6pm to 6:59pm thread

Thought I’d chill out in here for the next 32 minutes.

S’up friends?


good sevening everyone!

i am eating my dinner and downloading bloodborne.


like the film