This is the 9pm to 9:59pm thread

:clock9: :clock930:

I’ll post in it later then

ah, good morning! perhaps the thread title should be edited to include the time over thonner?


sup ?

howdy jordz

i am watching BBC 6music

See you again in 23 // 47 // 71 // 95 // 109 // … hours!

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Good evenine!

Cow’s it going?

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Here endeth tonight’s evenine.


Hello 21ers! Good morning @ma0sm! Are you able to tell us the election results from the near future?

@VincentAdultman I keep forgetting to post in the 19h thread, even though i have been online for every 19h that has passed since. Sorry.

Hey cowcow

This seems like a good time to ask: are you bringing back the quiz any time soon ?

Gym’s hate him!

You won’t believe who won the US presidential election!

#1 made me cry.

Good evenine all.


Niners, rise UP


@penoid yes

juat saying hello

hello :cow2:

hello :pen_fountain: :o: :id:

yes i did

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hi guyz