This is the best colour

Anyone who disagrees is a fucking twat


Oh no! I disagree!


weird how this is a really different colour if you click on the pic


Painted our living room virtually that colour. Looks pretty smart.

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This colour reminds me of dance classics on a Friday night like Paul van Dyk - For An Angel

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You’re colourblind

Too soon


that’s kind of amazing. Why?!

Why what?

why do they appear the same colour

the opposite of what I said

A & B are the exact same colour

Eyes-brain combo is unreliable

yeah but why?!

Because recognising how things relate to one another is more of an evolutionary advantage than recognising things in the absolute

Or something like that

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it’s very cool though imo

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I wish to purchase this colour as an NFT. My starting bid is $300m

i hate it

I had a really nice pair of moleskin* shorts from a French brand called Surface2Air in this exact shade of teal once upon a time

Best shorts I ever had. RIP

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This is a very Farrow & Ball colour. Surprisingly gammon taste for these boards.

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