This is the best indie rock album of the decade so far


It isn’t.

It’s absolutely fucking brilliant and we’ve listened to it LOADS this year. Let Me Be Mine is the jaaaaaaaaam. You beat me to this thread.

Was also gonna start one to re-appraise Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.


Tried to click on the blurred out bit to find out what it was…

Glad to see this getting some love. Not the best indies album of the decade (That would be High Violet or Modern Vampires of the City in my humble opinion) but it’s my second favourite Spoon album after Ga x5.

Absolutely rinsed it back in 2014 and still play it regularly. Adore it every time too. Saw them 4 times on that tour by coincidence and the killed it every time

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Can’t tell if this will become a thread about Spoon or the best Indie Rock album of the 2010s, so I’ll cover both bases. They Want My Soul is really good, especially considering the LP before, Transference, was one of the worst of the decade. I remember listening to Do You solidly before the full release…the quality of that song convinced my that the album would be a “return to form”. Having said that, I’d now say Outlier was my favourite track.

Wouldn’t go as far as saying it was the best of the decade though. I’d also consider Kveikur, Here and Nowhere Else, High Violet and Lonerism (if it counts), but actually my favourite is:

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Can’t think what this is (Spoon? Lower Dens? Dirty Projectors? They all have the same aesthetic…) but it isn’t Burst Apart by Antlers so…

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love pretty much every track on it. think it’s my favourite spoon album alongside kill the moonlight.
gorgeous production and so many great little touches that most guitar bands wouldn’t even think of e.g. the humming at the end of do you

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Need to revisit. Felt pretty early on that it wasn’t as good as Girls Can Tell, Kill the Moonlight, Gimme Fiction or Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga and gave up on it.

They are absolute fucking masters in the studio. Every single bit of every song is sprinkled with some kind of magic dust. The way the drums crackle and hiss without sounding over done, the trebly acoustics, that completely screaming guitar part in knock knock knock that still doesn’t throw the song off balance…its kind of sickening tbh, especially when ga x 5 has all that going on as well.

The reason I mention let me be mine is the way each time the ‘auction off’ verse comes back, something is slightly out of time and yet completely perfect as well. Just completely thrilling. Love them.


definitely one of them. inside out could be the best song they’ve ever done

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what the fuck is it tho

oh i see

Ghost of you lingers tho.

extremely tempted to change the thread title with my new-found power, as I was annoyed momentarily when I couldn’t work out what it was

reverse image search!

Have to say that remains one of the worst album covers I have ever seen :grinning:


No it isn’t

Crazy talk, I think it’s great

Still puzzled by your love for Burst Apart. I barely listen to it, certainly not anywhere near as much as Hospice or Familiars (or even Undersea for that matter). It’s disjointed, the production is patchy with some songs sounding far worse than their live iterations (No Widows, for example) and it doesn’t have many memorable lyrics. There are a handful of good songs though, I Don’t Wan’t Love and Corsicana particularly.

Each to their own, but I’d be interested to hear the consensus on this…I’m glad with Familiars they went back to some of the ideas they first toyed with on Hospice.