This is the best indie rock album of the decade so far

Whilst I wouldn’t agree with Sean that Burst Apart is the best indie rock album of the decade, I would second the suggestion that it’s the Antler’s best album by a stretch.

It does perhaps lack the cohesion of Hospice and Familiars, but the clincher is that the songwriting is consistently at a higher level on Burst Apart than it is on the other records, silly trumpet interlude aside. I’d say the majority of tracks on Burst Apart are at least as good as Hospice and Familiars’ peaks (Kettering, Epilogue, Palace, Hotel), and then the standout tracks (I don’t want love, Putting the dog to sleep) are at an even higher level.

You’re right to a degree about No Widows though. Live version is amazing (though I continue to like the studio version)

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Puberty 2 innit

I have no idea what this means :neutral_face:

Best thing on hospice :ok_hand: probs the best thing they’ve done…

The answer is either Attack on Memory or Pom Pom
Can’t tell which though

Hospice is a great record, but it was released in 2009.

Best College Prog album released from 2010-present?

All 5-stars:

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Terror and Everything After
Pepe Deluxe - Queen of the Wave
Small Leaks Sink Ships - Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals

Got it - can’t say I agree but I think it’s always a healthy sign when a band has 3 or more albums which are genuinely believed to be their best work by large parts of the fan base :blush:

Agreed. I listened to all 3 last night…and now I think Hospice is their best despite thinking it was Familiars for about a year.

Spoon are a bloody fantastic band. It perplexes me how small they are over here. Last time they played London it was at Oslo Hackney ffs!

I just can’t get into Familiars. It has special moments but as a whole gets too bogged down for my liking. Also thought a lot of it sounded better live than the recorded versions

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I’m pretty sure when I saw them play it was at Shepherds Bush Empire?

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It’s their best by some distance pal

I was there, on the transference tour. Mrs stack and I were the most lashed up people there I think, dancing like complete goons.

Not sure that’s the same one, I definitely saw them at Shepherds Bush on the TWMS tour

I was at this, the sound was appalling.

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beaut imge

You all forgot about Menomena didn’t you

Re the Shepherd’s Bush gig, shows what I know. Duh.

Revisited this record because of this thread. It really is a cracker. Looking forward to some new material, hopefully it won’t be too far off!

Slim pickings compared to the noughties, really, isn’t it? Spoon themselves released 4 albums in the 00s better than They Want My Soul