This is the best modern day U2 song

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Will have to consult the Scotts

Don’t want to tell you to shut up, I just don’t know why you’d bother with them in the first place


for the purpose of providing an alternative song could you tell me what year does the modern day begin please

I was thinking about this. “Modern day” even though it’s 8 years ago. Let’s say 2005 onwards.

struggling to comprehend the first half of the 2000s being consideres old :tired_face:

my go to redefined modern day u2 song is this

There haven’t been any good U2 songs for about 20 odd years now.


I’ve searched for one but I still haven’t found etc…

Ha that’s my arbitrary beginning of the modern age too. Don’t know why exactly

28, by my count.


Quite liked the William Orbit version of Electrical Storm.


Yeah I love that

It’s this imho

Yeah I looked that up when I read this thread, but it was 2002

Ah, post-2005 only. No idea in that case

Electrical Storm feels like modern-day but 2002 was 21 years ago. If it it was 2000 today you wouldn’t say something released in 1979 was modern-day. Weird innit.

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U2 have been boring for so long it’s warped my perception of time

It’s ‘Moment of Surrender’ from 2009… great song.

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Or to put it another way - over half my life ago.

Fuck you Time and the horse you rode in on.

This is decent I think, similar to their Pop album.