This is the best post-rock song ever written

Live version is cracking too:

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I saw him at the Explosions in the Sky ATP and he was amazing. I keep forgetting to check out his new stuff.

Yeah he was incredible there. Annoying he doesn’t tour more often.

His Seven Idiots album on Erased Tapes is fun (especially as he made his noisest, most upbeat album for that label) but his back catalgoue is a bit patchy in places.

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Prove me wrong, DiS

[checks track listing on Slint’s Spiderland]



He was brilliant, as were Mono. I was hoping that they’d play together and do Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain, but they didn’t unfortunately.


Yeah thought it was odd that they didn’t. If I remember correctly they toured together afterwards and didn’t do it there either.

If they did that it would have destroyed the place. Nothing but people weeping everywhere.
(It would have been worth it though)

It’s no Absent Friend, m7.

I’d go for The Black Meat if we’re talking Bark Psychosis myself, brah.

A very solid shout.

Gonna go to Tokyo to see him I reckon

Crocodile Post-Rock

Most depressing album I’ve ever heard, even more so than any DSBM

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MEGURI is an absolute beast

But my favourite WEG track is probably this

In a good way?

Is it not Mogwai Feat Satan that’s the best post-rock song ever written :thinking:

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Don’t know, haven’t needed to listen to something that melancholic in a long time

Also a reminder that not all post-2000 is bad

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