This is the best song



I’ll take your word for it


Thats a different mix ffs. This:



the sooner this remixing-90s-and-00s-r&b-songs thing ends, the better

thought we reached it’s peak with that one that’s half ‘the boy is mine’ and half ‘girl’


is all pop music auto-tuned as a matter of course these days?




remember when people pretended to like that ‘say my name’ remix


I just think it’s a shame that’s all. I bet some of them are lovely tunes if only they were given the space to be sung properly.


I love trance


at least my shite isn’t pretending to be either really affable or a total wanker all the time


They need to be sung by a ukulele-playing, braces-and-boots-wearing troubadour to really bring out their true beauty.




Not really my sort of thing.


ukulele jfc. no one with any self respect plays a ukulele and calls themselves a musician



I love any song that sounds like literally the first two seconds of this. I’m a trance man myself.


I know exactly what you mean, TBF. It did make me think about a lot of stuff I heard in the charts about 20 years ago.


i wont !!


almost certainly shit.