This is the best stick ever

More of a log really


if you can wrap your hand round it then it’s not a log

as my grandpa always used to say

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Doesn’t know a stick from his arse, clearly

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yeah if you’re going to totally adhere to the western tradition of a stick that’s a stick, I guess

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Imo if you’re gonna claim something’s the best something ever then you’re gunning for an argument really, and you’re ugly

Something something take that stick out your arse something something

I’m workshoppin’ here!

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If you were to ask me the question “Hey, Ant. What do you think makes a great stick, man?” I’d probably respond by saying something like “For me, a good stick is based on its girth, curvature, colour and sturdiness”


i quite like some lichen and moss myself

on the way to branch territory but not quite there yet

No, a good stick should have no lichen or moss

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you’re a real bland boy Ant

fight me you coward

I’m sorry

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That has been said before

I feel like our friends in the dog industry would have good opinions on this. Most dogs simply go by size for some reason, even the sticks that can’t possible be carried, for some secret reason they can’t share with us.

do you have a stock response ready?

It’s because they are so pure


Sometimes I think about how much a dog just loves to have a stick and it makes me shed a tear



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Would have to see how it fares in a race downstream against other sticks