This is the evening thread for today (today meaning Monday the 4th of September)


I’m finally getting to do my science GCSEs. doing an adult evening course thing. sat here waiting for the people running it. feels weird. don’t even want to make eye contact with anyone else.

how are all of you, though


if this doesn’t make it as the evening thread, Bamnan’s will be fine.


yo @moderators can one of you delete this please


This should prob be the evening thread tbh. Soz! Didnt think my edit would actually work.


that’s okay

I’m so confused


Good (evening) thread.


I’m gonna see where the chips fall before I bet on the wrong horse in the evening thread bingo.


G’wan Matt I’m sure you’ll ace it, takes a lot of motivation to just get there in the first place so really well done. Such a positive step.


I have idea what is meant to happen now.


Please share this idea?!


Is there anything to be said for another evening thread?


I ban everyone


had a migraine today as basically a sort of delayed effect of the stress and worry of moving house. Got an interview tomorrow but have done absolutely no prep, it’s gonna be lit. If I do get it though I’ll pretty much be working in Buckingham Palace lol

shit I need to shave don’t i. Also I still don’t have hot water so got a choice between looking and smelling awful tomorrow or having a cold shower.


good luck
the only thing i actually liked at school was some bits of biology (not virology though argh)
didn’t study it at uni though cos im an idiot.
i just had a dutch class with a temprary teacher who was sooo much better than the usual one. gutted i’ll never see her again. feel like lisa here


Dawned on me recently that I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone a day without drinking. Worryingly also in the last two months I appear to have got smashed, gone to bed, then sleepwalked to the sofa in the front room.

Not drank today and while it’s quite a small thing I’m oddly proud. Had a good chat with an ex, too. Glad she’s doing well. Today feels like a nice turning point after a year of basically drinking and isolation.

House move soon. 30 later this months. Fags the next things to get rid of. Hopefully a turnaround.